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Male Bio-Identical hormone treatment

Gregory Zengo, MD ... serving Watkinsville (Athens), Atlanta, and all of North Georgia

Bio-identical hormone therapy

Hormone Weight Connection

Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment

GI Leaky Gut Testing

Botox Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment

Juvederm Dermal Filler Treatment

Cosmetic PRP Facelift and Facial

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Medical Director Gregory P. Zengo, MD

Bioidentical medicine
Botox Fillers PRP PDO Threads Watkinsville Atlanta Georgia

Bio-Identical Medicine from a National Authority and Educator

Since 2002, New Image Medical Aesthetics and Wellness has served the Athens, GA and Atlanta metro area providing cutting edge medical care.  We use accurate saliva testing and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for both Men and Women to relieve symptoms without drugs.  Menopause, low testosterone, sleep and energy issues are just a few of the stress-induced hormone imbalances we treat with bio-identical medicine.  Our Unique Combination of Hormone Balancing and Weight loss Injections has helped hundreds of patients lose 10-14 pounds per month while effectively treating food addiction and restoring portion control.  We provide Bio-Identical Thyroid Management using T3 (Cytomel) along with Armour Thyroid, and Naturethroid.  Neurotransmitter and GI Testing can also help to drill down and find other stress-induced causes of your symptoms like “leaky gut” and food allergies.  Our in-house Compounding Lab enables us to fill your BHRT hormone creams for only $20-$40 per month.  We offer the most extensive Genetic Testing and analysis so you can change your behavior to match your genetics.  Unlike most expert Bio-Identical Wellness Practices, we still accept most private insurance for your office visits.

Dr. Zengo, our medical director has …

  • Offered bio-identical hormone testing and treatment, including Male, Female, Thyroid, and Adrenal since 2006.
  • Seen over 12,000 office visits for BHRT/Thyroid consultation and management
  • Interpreted over 16,000 salivary hormone test results
  • Taught BHRT testing and treatment to over 500 providers in CME-approved post-graduate training courses since 2008.
  • Been an in-demand speaker in the BHRT industry, while remaining independent and sponsored by nobody.

Aesthetic Medicine Performed Only by Skilled MD’s

New Image has over 22 years of experience in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.  Dr. Zengo is one of the nation’s leading providers and teachers of injectable therapies like Botox Treatment for crow’s feet, forehead lines, and other facial wrinkles “in motion”, Dermal Filler (Juvederm, Volbella) Treatment, Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins of the Legs, having trained over 800 doctors.  New Image was the first clinic in Northeast Georgia to offer Cosmetic PRP facelift and PRP facial, and PRP Vaginal rejuvenation treatments.  Dr. Zengo remains a world-wide authority on the procedure having authored the only CME-approved training course in the subject of Cosmetic uses of Platelet-Rich Plasma.  In 2019, we added PDO Thread Lifting (NovaThreads, MINT Lift) to further help enhance treatment of gravitational aging in the face that fillers and PRP cannot achieve.

Dr. Zengo has …

What Makes New Image Georgia Different?

New Image maintains the connection to you, our patient, by treating everyone like a VIP:

  • Secure online patient portal for access to lab results and secure messaging.  No more waiting weeks for lab results.
  • Online video consultation visits (phone, PC, or Mac) available for patients who cannot travel to our office for their visit.
  • Online appointment confirmation and changes after hours.
  • We never overbook live visits.
  • All Aesthetic Consultations are Always No Charge
  • All supplements and skin care products priced at a discount every day.
  • No monthly or annual membership fees, ever.