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Experienced, Customized Juvederm® & Volbella® Treatment

  Over 14 Years’ Experience with Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers.
  Take the “One Syringe Challenge”… Divide a syringe between two visits and save. 
  Combine Fillers with Microneedling, Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Smooth PDO Threads for the maximum benefit.   

14 Years' Dermal Filler Experience Matters

Precision Depth of Injection gives you great results with just a Single Syringe.

Can Dermal Fillers Really be Comfortable?

Multi-Faceted pain prevention and Blunt Cannulas maximize your Comfort.

Pause Facial Volume Loss Adding PRP

Stop the clock with Dermal Filler & Synergistic Treatments PRP, Threads and Microneedling.

Dermal Fillers Video Library

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Medical Director Gregory Zengo, MD


Georgia’s Experienced Dermal Filler MD Physician

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers (Restylane®, Juvederm®, Volbella®, Vollure®, Perlane®) were first approved for cosmetic use in 2004 for treatment of naso-labial folds in the lower face.  They took the aesthetic world by storm offering a better, safer, and less allergenic alternative to collagen.  Since then, newer variants of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have been introduced that can be more flexible than the original formulations.  Dr. Zengo has been there since the beginning practicing, studying the literature, and teaching the safest and most effective techniques in PracticalCME Medical Training courses throughout the country.

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers work by filling in linear lines and wrinkles that form as we lose volume in our face with age.  They can also be used to “re-inflate” areas of tissue loss like the lips, mouth, and cheeks.

Yes, our faces lose volume as we age and Juvederm® can naturally give it back.

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm® are completely natural and never result in allergic reactions.  They do not create swelling when injected and always give a very predictable effect that lasts for 9-18 months depending on the number of syringes used and the interval between treatments.

Mixing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with Platelet-Rich Plasma can allow the filler to absorb the growth factors from the plasma and help stimulate new tissue over time in the affected area.  This mixture is especially useful for the Tear Trough/Under Eye area, the Cheeks, and above the upper lip.  Hyaluronic Acid fillers are completely natural and non-allergenic.  Results are predictable and repeatable with minimal side effects when performed by experienced providers.  Other agents on the market contain foreign material in order to stimulate tissue, but often these treatments are expensive and the results and side effects are unpredictable.  New Image always puts your safety first.

Here are the best areas to treat with Dermal Fillers.  We get great results with virtually zero side effects on these areas…

Naso-Labial Folds
Lip Corners
Lip Augmentation
Mouth Wrinkles
Marionette Lines

Here are other good “off-label” indications, especially when combined with other tissue-regenerating additives like Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Smile Lines
Orbital Hollows
Tear Troughs
Glabellar Lines

Dr. Zengo has been practicing Dermal filler since 2004.  He has reviewed the medical literature extensively and has taught hundreds of providers in his own CME-approved training program.  The PracticalCME training program was the first blended online+live training program ever to receive CME credits for both parts.

All Consultations are FREE (for a limited time).  You only pay for the syringes of filler that you actually receive at your treatment.  You have nothing to lose getting a second opinion with us.

Your comfort is important to us.  That is why we use a combination of Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracaine anesthetic cream, ice, blunt cannulas, and the flat needle technique to ensure you have the best experience and the best results.

Only New Image offers the FREE touch-up program.  Use less than a full syringe and we will save the rest for up to 1 month to let the first treatment settle.  Then, anytime in the next month come in and we can place the rest of your filler where it is needed most at no charge.

The New Image Difference

With over 20 years of experience in Georgia, Dr. Zengo and New Image are experts in every service we offer.  Beginning in 2001, when Dr. Zengo introduced sclerotherapy and Botox(R) to Northeast Georgia, through 2019 with the introduction of PDO Threads, New Image has always remained on the cutting edge of the most rewarding treatments in aesthetic and wellness medicine.  Our aesthetic treatments complement our core wellness services nicely.  Whether it is Female Hormone

Balance for pre-menopause or cyclic symptoms, fixing the ravages of stress on your body clock as measured by adrenal cortisol levels throughout the day, testosterone in men, or thyroid balance in both sexes, our goal is to help you feel your best without drugs or any substances that are foreign to the body.  

Dr. Zengo founded New Image out of his OB/GYN practice back in 2001 and has expanded and focused our services on Bio-Identical diagnosis and treatment of stress hormone imbalances like no other medical practice can do.  Our promise to you is to never use expensive, proprietary supplements or testing.  Everything we sell is below list price and below the national average for an integrative medicine practice like ours.  Our goal is to always provide an honest assessment of your needs and formulate a treatment plan that is reasonable, and provides value in addition to results.

You know you are getting the most cutting edge care since everything offered at New Image is evidence-based.  Dr. Zengo teaches everything he practices and reviews the medical literature constantly to update our protocols while the training curriculum at PracticalCME Medical Training is updated at the same time.