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Medical Microneedling Performed Only by MD's

  Over 5 Years’ Experience with Medical Microneedling.
  Effective for Acne Scars, Glow, Texture, Fine Lines and Pigment.
  All Treatments done with FDA-Cleared Motorized Skin Pen and Topicals.   

FDA-Cleared Medical Depth Microneedling

Stimulate Fibroblasts and Skin Repair to Reduce Effects of Aging

We Value Results and Your Comfort

High-Potency BLT Anesthetic Cream Used for Every Treatment

Combine with PRP for the PRP MicroFacial

Introduce Your Own Growth Factors from PRP Directly into Your Skin

Microneedling/PRP Video Library

Produced by New Image
Medical Director Gregory Zengo, MD

Georgia’s Experienced Microneedling Physicians

Since 2014, New Image has offered professional medical microneedling using motorized needling devices.  Only around 9% of what we put on our skin actually gets absorbed because this skin is designed to be a barrier.  Microneedling makes tiny channels in the surface of the skin that allow for:

  • Up to 91% penetration of topical PRP, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin serums
  • Improved thickness and wrinkle-resistance of the epidermis (visible layer of skin)
  • Gentle exfoliation of the dead skin layer above without visible flaking and peeling.

Dr. Zengo will select the appropriate depth of needling depending on your needs.  Shallower for wrinkle reduction and treatment of pigment like melasma.  Slightly deeper for collagen remodeling and scar treatment.  Treatments are paired with our Hyalogic and SkinMedica line of products for continued treatment, or needle through your own blood-derived PRP for the ultimate infusion of growth factors.

Microneedling has come a long way since 2014.  Current state of the art is to use equipment that is FDA-Cleared and Registered as a Class 2 device.  Currently the only device that has that classification is the SkinPen (pictured below) which achieved that status in 2018.  This means that all other needling devices including over the counter stamps, rollers and pens sold online and through other vendors like Rodan + Fields do not have that full, legal FDA clearance.  This means that you are on the “honor system” with regard to quality and sterility.  Many products originate in China and may not even be clean, let alone sterile.  This is the ultimate “buyer beware” scenario.

Why Choose Microneedling from Dr. Zengo and New Image?

Dr. Zengo has authored the only CME-approved microneedling training course available to train providers all over the world in this new procedure.  That course has trained over 800 attendees in just 4 years.

FDA-Cleared SkinPen

We only use the latest and safest protocols.  This procedure cannot, and should not be performed by aestheticians.  They cannot legally go deeper than the epidermis layer.  Effective microneedling requires depths of 0.5mm to 1.0mm at a minimum, while the superficial epidermis is only around 0.3mm thick.

Finally, half of the benefits of needling are created by the needling technique and the quality of the home-care regimen afterwards.  All of our needling packages include a supply of Hyalogic Pure HA hyaluronic acid hydrator and Vitamin C for use while the needling channels remain open.  Other treatment serums can also be added to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Please contact us for a FREE initial consultation.  We will develop a program to help you achieve your goals combining medical

PRP Facial Microneedling
Microneedling with PRP Facial

needling treatments and we will even teach you how to do needling at home to extend your benefits.  Most patients choose to do at least 4 needling treatments, and patients who want the most vigorous results should do one of their treatments with PRP.

Microneedling packages start at $199 for a single treatment with no products or $799 for a package of 4 treatments including the Hyalogic Pure PRP and Vitamin C powder.  Treatments take approximately 30 minutes including the application of the extra-strength Benzocaine-Lidocaine-Tetracaine anesthetic cream for your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microneedling

Are Non-FDA Cleared Microneedling rollers and stamps a threat to my health?

We just don’t know.  None of them have gone through the approval process with the FDA.  Ways these devices can harm you…

They are not sterile to begin with.
They contain oils and contamination from the manufacturing process.
They can harbor blood and grow mold/bacteria in between treatments
They cannot be reliably disinfected.

Only you can decide if your face if worth taking the risk.

What is the Recommended interval between treatments?

If your goal is improved glow, texture and pigment, you can do shallow needling to 0.3mm every other week.

For scars, lines, wrinkles, and stimulation of fibroblasts, needle to 0.5-1mm every month.