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Adrenal Fatigue saliva test

Quantifying how Stress Changes Your Delicate Body Clock

  Body Clock/Adrenal Alterations Mimic Depression and Sleep Disturbances
  Salivary 4-point Cortisol Testing Cortisol can quantify chronic stress. 
  Brain Fog and Daily Fatigue is NEVER normal aging.   

Saliva Cortisol Levels Can Quantify Impact of Chronic Stressors

We have Reviewed over 13,000 Saliva Cortisol Tests, We can diagnose and treat stress-induced symptoms.

Learn Why Your Energy Crashes

Fatigue, Sleeplessness and Mental Fog are more effectively resolved with Adrenal Curve Restoration than caffeine.

Restore Natural Sleep and Alertness

Helping fix the imbalances that hinder your Body Clock at wake up and at bedtime

Adrenal Stress Videos

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Gregory P. Zengo, MD


Georgia’s Adrenal Fatigue Testing and Treatment Experts

The effect of stress on the body’s delicate rhythm is often behind symptoms like

Trouble Falling Asleep
Mental Fog

Diminished Sexual Drive
… in addition to symptoms everyone attributes to “normal” aging, when we say “I’m just getting old”. Most of the time these are NOT normal.

Yet stress sells prescription drugs, and conventional medicine depends on the many stress symptoms to label patients as Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Adult ADD, and Fibromyalgia while offering multiple drugs as “cures”.  These prescriptions are expensive, often fail to relieve the symptoms, and lead to side effects.  “Diseases” like Adult ADD, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg, and Chronic Fatigue are really just “symptom descriptors” which have no known physiologic cause, yet have approved drugs for treatment.  While the symptoms are all very real, their symptoms are also shared with Adrenal Fatigue.  Even low sex drive correlates better with adrenal fatigue than with lower testosterone levels in our practice over the last decade.

There are over 5,000 citations in the literature regarding testing salivary cortisol.  Salivary Cortisol may be the most reliable indicator of the link between chronic stress and the daily energy you feel as you proceed through the day.  Our brain handles stress in a very primitive manner, causing us to fight, flee, or hide, with the latter happening in the face of chronic unrelenting stress.  This is the most prominent stress in our daily 21st century lives.  For more details, watch our video library on stress.  You will never look at stress the same way in the future.

Salivary Cortisol Test

The New Image Stress Assessment begins by evaluating your stressors.  Then customized testing is ordered including the salivary cortisol profile.  We then work toward fixing your brain and adrenal’s (HPA axis) response to stress to recondition your body clock.  This requires targeted therapies that guide your system to respond to stress differently, with less “hide” response.  If a bear is not chasing you down daily, but your brain acts like you are because you are busy at work or with your kids, then your adrenal response, and energy can become blunted.  Imbalances of Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, and thyroid are fixed to finalize your initial treatment plan.  We do this with Bio-Identical Medicine:  replacing only what is missing and not using drugs or anything foreign to the body.  This is how we have treated more Adrenals than anyone else in the last 15 years.

We always work to discover WHY you are foggy, sluggish, tired, and irritable.  We always first look for stress-induced changes of your core physiology, and fix that FIRST before entertaining any medical diagnosis like insomnia or depression, or using drugs that are foreign to the body.

The New Image Difference

With over 20 years of experience in Georgia, Dr. Zengo and New Image are experts in every service we offer.  Whether it is Female Hormone

Balance for pre-menopause or cyclic symptoms, fixing the ravages of stress on your body clock as measured by adrenal cortisol levels throughout the day, testosterone in men, or thyroid balance in both sexes, our goal is to help you feel your best without drugs or any substances that are foreign to the body.  

Dr. Zengo founded New Image out of his OB/GYN practice back in 2001 and has expanded and focused our services on Bio-Identical diagnosis and treatment of stress hormone imbalances like no other medical practice can do.  Our promise to you is to never use expensive, proprietary supplements or testing.  Everything we sell is below list price and below the national average for an integrative medicine practice like ours.  Our goal is to always provide an honest assessment of your needs and formulate a treatment plan that is reasonable, and provides value in addition to results.

You know you are getting the most cutting edge care since everything offered at New Image is evidence-based.  Dr. Zengo teaches everything he practices and reviews the medical literature constantly to update our protocols while the training curriculum at PracticalCME Medical Training is updated at the same time.