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Your Customized Treatment ... Compounded in our Office

Customized Formulations for You

Combined Creams with Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone and Testosterone in any combination.

Accuracy and Precision Since 2015

Independent 3rd Party Validation of Our Formulas and Procedures

Convenience and Value

New dose? No problem!  Get your refill at your visit and save hundreds over Androgel.
No Painful Shots or Pellets.

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BHRT Medical Director, Gregory P. Zengo
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Athens/Atlanta, Georgia Bio-Identical Hormone Custom Compounding

Bio-Identical Testing, Treatment, and Prescriptions all under One Roof!

Compounding of pharmaceuticals that are not otherwise available is a legal, safe, and economical treatment regimen that is fully regulated by the Federal and State governments, and has been for decades.  Our practice uses compounded therapies since no FDA-approved transdermal alternatives exist for a number of conditions:

  • Estriol therapy for women
  • Low-dose transdermal Estradiol for women
  • Transdermal Progesterone for women
  • Transdermal Testosterone for women
  • Lower dose transdermal Testosterone for Men

In response to numerous requests from our patients for low-cost, well-made, bio-identical hormone creams, New Image opened its very own Compounding Lab in 2015.  This lab contains the state of the art equipment and supplies to produce accurate, 3rd party-tested, BHRT creams for our patients at over a 50% cost savings.

Patients who use our creams have more consistent salivary levels and require fewer dosage changes than creams made elsewhere.  Using our hormone creams saves our patients thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary extra testing due to fluctuating levels.  We only purchase the finest micronized hormones and cream bases weighed to 0.0001gm accuracy.  All hormones are dispensed in metered dose containers and never in messy jars or clumsy syringes.

Our lab dispenses dozens of prescriptions a month to our active patients and our lab saves our patients over $25,000 a year compared to other sources of compounded hormones.

We can fully replace up to 4 (Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone) lost ovarian hormones for women in menopause or peri-menopause for no more than $40 per month, or less than the copay amount for the branded single hormone pharmaceuticals that don’t even work.  These creams can contain as many as 4 different hormones in a customized dose, so the true cost is around $10 per hormone per month.

For men on testosterone therapy, our moderate dose testosterone creams give more flexibility of dose, in a smaller volume, and at a monthly cost lower than the typical prescription testosterone gel co-pay.


Why Choose New Image to Assess and Treat your Unique Hormone Imbalance

Since 2006, New Image and Dr. Zengo have taken the highest-level scientific approach to diagnosing and treating stress hormone imbalances.  Our patients told us that overpriced and poorly made creams were the #1 reason why they would stop their BHRT therapy, even before they could see the full benefits that often take 6-12 months of consistent levels.  Our lab meets or exceeds all State and Federal compounding pharmacy standards.  Our large volume of customized cream prescriptions eliminates errors and ensures consistency.

Our Compounding Lab is only available to our own patients of the practice who have been seen in our office within the last 12 months.  We are not open to the greater general public.  The Compounding Lab is separate from our medical practice and does not participate in any insurance billing or contracts.  This is done to save the costs of filing insurance and remains the main reason why we can offer such high quality creams at the lowest prices anywhere in the country.  Since 2015, insurance companies have universally stopped covering most cream bases, and the hormone Estriol, so that it is virtually impossible to get coverage for these vital and legal therapies because these insurance companies cannot exert pricing pressure over individual compounding pharmacies like they can over drug companies.  This has led to non-coverage of BHRT and attempts to force patients back to inferior and incomplete pharmaceutical hormone therapies.

In most cases, when a combination hormone cream is started or the dosing is changed, we can make your replacement cream while you check out from your visit.  No other BHRT practice offers this kind of flexibility, cost savings, and convenience anywhere.  Refill requests for active patients of the practice can be approved by Dr. Zengo and mailed to you or picked up typically in 72 hours or less.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male BHRT

Can I bill insurance for my prescription?

Over the past few years, insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers have universally blocked compounded HRT from coverage.  While this is likely illegal, until it gets challenged in court and overturned, we have elected to NOT spend the expense of processing insurance claims (a cost of up t0 $10 per prescription) and pass the savings on to you.

When should I call for a refill?

Please call when the plunger in your cream is at the REFILL mark on the canister.  If you have a visit to review test results, you can choose to wait.  If time permits, we can mix up any dose change and dispense it at your visit.

How precise are your formulations?

Our formulations are 100% pharmaceutical grade.

Dosing accuracy within to tolerances of pharmaceuticals have been tested and shown to be valid for a shelf life of 6 months using our formulations, bases and dispensing clickers.