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How Well is Your Gut Biofilm Protecting You, and Preventing Stress?

  Intestinal surfaces have have 15 times more area than our skin.
  9 out of 10 cells in our body are bacteria that make up our Gut Biome. 
  GI Microbiome balance impacts brain chemistry and your immune system.   

Precise Testing and Treatment of Your Gut Biome

Test for both Good and Bad bacteria allow us to Treat Pathogens and prescribe Targeted Probiotics.

Fully Treat Yeast Overgrowth and Harmful Bacteria

Pathogens like Harmful Bacteria and Yeast Prevent the Gut Biofilm from being a Protective Barrier

Fully Treat Peripheral Effects of Our Gut Biome

Fully Heal the link between GI Imbalances and Our Delicate Body Stress and Hormone Balance.

GI Biome Video Library

Presented by New Image's
Gregory P. Zengo, MD


Georgia’s Headquarters for “Leaky Gut” Testing and Treatment

To truly practice Bio-Identical treatments of stress-induced imbalances in the body, one must include an assessment of the GI Tract.  The “Gut Biofilm” is one of the most forgotten and underappreciated “organ systems” of the body.

The GI Tract has the surface area of a Tennis Court or 15 times our skin surface.
9 Times more bacterial cells live in our GI compared to the number of all other cells that make up our bodies.

These bacterial cells are far from being just quiet house guests.  These bacteria work in cooperation to prevent the food and toxins we ingest from damaging our GI mucosal cells.  This delicate balance of good bacteria needs the right environment to function as a physiologic barrier, which protects fragile gut surfaces and villi.  This allows your GI Tract surfaces to selectively absorb nutrients and reject toxins, while preventing dysfunctional gap junctions that “leak” turn our gut surfaces into a a permissive sieve, instead of a selective barrier.

GI tract health has been shown to have a direct connection to stress, weight, energy, our moods, and even our immune system.  Even Alzheimer’s Disease has been correlated with poor gut biofilm health.

We use every tool at our disposal to evaluate your personal GI biofilm composition, and improve it using specific probiotic therapy and nutritional counseling.  Taking random probiotics simply puts them on a suicide mission if you don’t know the condition of the gut biofilm first. Harmful bacteria, or parasites, if discovered, can be treated with a short course of an eradication therapy. Finally, Genomic factors can even be considered to help guide your diet and supplementation into the future for individuals who are genetically susceptible to GI tract inflammation and “leaky gut”.

“IBS” is a common term for symptoms that could be caused by a multitude of issues related to gut biofilm and pathogenic bacteria.  New Image does not use drugs to treat IBS or  stimulants since they often leave the GI smooth muscle dysregulated in the future without “curing” anything.

In a fast-growing field like this, Dr. Zengo will only recommend evidence-based interventions based directly on your symptoms and your test results to help minimize the negative impacts that your GI tract may have on other systems in your body.

Doctor’s Data GI360 Assessment of Gut Health and Pathogens

New Image carries stool testing from the most respected lab in the USA, Doctor’s Data.  This test looks for the following data in your stool sample:


  • Good vs. Bad Bacteria using DNA screening
  • Yeast Culture
  • Digestion/Absorption Parameters
  • Inflammation/Immunity Markers
  • Intestinal Health Markers

Anyone can order these test kits and they are billable to insurance.  Please pick up your test kit at our office or order it from our online store.  We suggest you schedule a follow-up appointment 3 weeks after sending in your kit to discuss treatment strategies.

The New Image Difference

With over 20 years of experience in Georgia, Dr. Zengo and New Image are experts in every service we offer.  Whether it is Female Hormone

Balance for pre-menopause or cyclic symptoms, fixing the ravages of stress on your body clock as measured by adrenal cortisol levels throughout the day, testosterone in men, or thyroid balance in both sexes, our goal is to help you feel your best without drugs or any substances that are foreign to the body.  

Dr. Zengo founded New Image out of his OB/GYN practice back in 2001 and has expanded and focused our services on Bio-Identical diagnosis and treatment of stress hormone imbalances like no other medical practice can do.  Our promise to you is to never use expensive, proprietary supplements or testing.  Everything we sell is below list price and below the national average for an integrative medicine practice like ours.  Our goal is to always provide an honest assessment of your needs and formulate a treatment plan that is reasonable, and provides value in addition to results.

You know you are getting the most cutting edge care since everything offered at New Image is evidence-based.  Dr. Zengo teaches everything he practices and reviews the medical literature constantly to update our protocols while the training curriculum at PracticalCME Medical Training is updated at the same time.