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Our Mars Hill Rd office is now open with Online Visits every Wednesday.  Join our Email List for News and Exclusive Discounts.

Online Visits with Dr. Zengo NOW billable to insurance

Beginning immediately, our online visit platform will be billable to insurance, and we will accept online visits in lieu of live visits provided we have seen you live in the office in the past 12 months.

  • All thyroid, hormone, weight loss patient visits.
  • Medication refills and Test Ordering as needed
  • New Patient visits to discuss our menu of services and testing.

Follow the steps below to book your online visit.  Everything regarding this appointment will be billable and covered by insurance the same as a live in-office visit.

Book Your Online Appointment in 2 Easy Steps


Call our office at 706-769-5757 to schedule your date and time for your online visit.

Or you can schedule through the AthenaNet Patient Portal.  This will allow you to choose any date and time when the office is open, or arrange an after-hours visit when available.  Make sure you select the “Secure Online Video Appointment” as your appointment choice.  If you are new to our practice, you will receive a setup email from the AthenaNet Patient Portal.


If You have Insurance on File…

You can pay your copay over the phone or in our online store (registration required).  Go to our ONLINE STORE and select CO-PAY  and place the amount of your copay in the Quantity field.

If you are self/cash-pay…

Then you can also pay for your visit on our online store here:  ONLINE STORE.

All online visits are checked in and seen through the built-in app in your AthenaNet Portal

Dr. Zengo and New Image were first pioneers in Bio-Identical Medicine, and now we are pioneers at matching telemedicine with Bio-Identical Medicine.  Patients in 8 states can see us and receive ongoing prescription refills and lab testing via our Qure4U telemedicine platform.  Patients in NY, CA, FL, and AZ can see us for all visits online.  Patients in GA, SC, NC, and TN must see us in person in our office at least one every 12 months.

Online visits are not billable to insurance, but may actually cost less than a live visit that is billed to insurance.  A typical live visit is billed to insurance, however with deductibles so high, these visits can end up costing around $100.   Add another $50-$100 for the missed time from work, gas, and time sitting in traffic, and it can get even more expensive.  New patients, click the logo below and enter our online visit platform and make your appointment today.

Select your Visit Type and Duration by clicking on the name and complete your purchase at our secure online store (one-time registration required):

  • NEW HORMONE CONSULTATION (30 minutes) for initial consultation, discussion of symptoms, lifestyle counseling and ordering of initial testing (Thyroid, Saliva, NT, GI)
  • RETURN RESULTS VISIT (30 minutes) for second visit to discuss all results from the new consultation or for annual hormone re-check with results for long-term patients.
  • MODERATE FOLLOW-UP (20 minutes) for review of ongoing management of PMS, menopause, thyroid, GI, adrenal fatigue or combinations of the above.
  • BRIEF FOLLOW-UP (10 minutes) for ongoing care to discuss minor adjustments like new thyroid symptoms or follow up of a single straightforward problem.
  • MEET & GREET (10 minutes) just to meet Dr. Zengo and discuss our philosophy of testing and treatment.  No tests will be ordered or prescriptions written.
  • Please note:  We do not bill online visits to insurance.  If you wish to seek reimbursement let our office know and we can send you a receipt.  Appointment must be paid for online prior to completion of STEP 2 and STEP 3