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Male Bio-Identical hormone treatment

The New Image Approach to Male BHRT at Any Age

  Male hormones are affected by stress at all ages. 
  Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction can mimic low testosterone and should be checked in all men. 
  Overdosing testosterone (shots and pellets) can lead to side effects and injury. 

🛑 Beware 🛑

Knowing how to order the right tests, interpreting the results, and prescribing the right hormones, at the right doses safely, takes years of experience and training that is simply not provided to nurses, nurse practitioners and chiropractors.  Plenty of pop-up clinics touting buzzwords like “peptides”, “vitality”, and quick weight loss using homemade GLP-1 shots, are appearing in gyms and all around our area.  They are run by inexperienced non-physicians pushing the boundaries of their legal scope of practice and judgment, looking to make a quick buck.  We have been here for 20+ years doing what is safe and evidence-based.  Moreover, we NEVER charge a monthly fee and can bill most insurances for your office visits.  Just try that at the pop-up clinics.  Let’s face it… If the insurance companies won’t credential a provider to see you, why should you pay good money to go there?

Accurate Salivary Testing

This prevents us from guessing on your dose and getting the best benefit from the safest dose.


Book your Appointment Online or Call Us at 706-769-5757.  Have Your Insurance Card Handy.  What Are You Waiting for?  Find out your levels and start feeling better NOW!

20 Years' BHRT Experience

Dr. Zengo individually designs your treatment of ALL stress-induced symptoms, whether caused by low T or not.

On-Site Compounding Lab

New dose? No problem!  Get your refill at your visit and save hundreds over Androgel.
No Painful Shots or Pellets.


Book your Appointment Online or Call Us at 706-769-5757.  Have Your Insurance Card Handy.  What Are You Waiting for?  Find out your levels and start feeling better NOW!

Male BHRT Videos

Male BHRT Video Library

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Athens/Atlanta, Georgia Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment for Men

At New Image, thorough BHRT  evaluation for men requires accurate multi-system salivary hormone testing.  This is correlated with lifesytle and nutritional counseling to match your symptoms to the most bio-identically effective treatment for you.  Testosterone alone is almost never the only intervention required to feel your best, so get ready to learn all of the ways that stress can create havoc in your system.

Stress can disrupt your delicate testosterone balance.  Stress affects sleep which affects diet and activity levels which affect our ability to feel our best.  This is discovered using sensitive salivary hormone testing based on research over many decades.  At your first visit, we check the Thyroid and Adrenal body clock assessment.

Our testosterone dosing is below the pharmaceutical FDA-approved transdermal testosterone products for men for maximum safety.  Overdosing on Testosterone never ends well.  The initial euphoria quickly declines into withdrawal and tolerance.  Pellets and Injections are overdoses which often convert to risky metabolites, and overstimulate receptors.  Our patients never crave testosterone.

Our on-site Compounding Lab can fill your hormone prescription at your visit for maximum convenience and accuracy.  For many patients, the monthly cost of their entire hormone treatments is less expensive than a single drug copay.