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Male Bio-Identical hormone treatment

The New Image Approach to Male BHRT at Any Age

  Stress can severely alter male hormone balance as early as age 20. 
  Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction cause more symptoms in men than low testosterone. 
  Overdosing testosterone in shots and pellets can lead to serious side effects. 

Precise Salivary Testing

Assures your customized treatment plan is optimized for you and adjusted as your needs change.

16 Years' BHRT Experience

Board-Certified MD individually designs your treatment of ALL stress-induced deficiencies … including Testosterone.

On-Site Compounding Lab

New dose? No problem!  Get your refill at your visit and save hundreds over Androgel.
No Painful Shots or Pellets.

Male BHRT Video Library

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BHRT Medical Director, Gregory P. Zengo

Athens/Atlanta, Georgia Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment for Men

At New Image, thorough BHRT  evaluation for men has been a core service for well over a decade.  It all begins with accurate salivary hormone testing to truly identify which hormones are deficient and by how much.  This is correlated with your symptoms to create the most bio-identical treatment for you.  However, it takes treating thousands of patients to realize that testosterone alone is not the only cause of your symptoms.

Stress, even a small amount, can upset the delicate ovarian balance long-term.  It is hard-coded into our DNA.  A stressed mammal should not reproduce, and that leads to decreasing testosterone in your tissues, where it works.  This is revealed using sensitive salivary hormone testing based on research over many decades.  Therefore, at the first visit, we carefully select testing of other likely systems that are affected by stress.  This includes the Thyroid and Adrenal body clock assessment.

Anyone who claims they can get men feeling their best with testosterone alone does not understand human physiology and most likely uses dangerous overdosing of sex steroids.  Our dosing is always at or below the pharmaceutical FDA-approved transdermal testosterone products for men.  Pellets and Injections are overdoses in most cases, can convert to risky metabolites, and overstimulate receptors.  They are much more likely to create addiction/tolerance/withdrawal rollercoaster symptoms from one injection until the next.  This damages receptors and makes you crave more.

Anyone can order a large, expensive list of testing at all new patient visits.  We use decades of experience to order the right tests for you and save you hundreds of dollars in your initial assessment.  Customized lifestyle and nutritional counseling is always incorporated into the treatment plan from the initial visit and at every follow-up.  GI, Neurotransmitter, and Genomic analysis can also be used in more complex cases when needed.

Our on-site Compounding Lab can fill your hormone prescription at your visit for maximum convenience and accuracy.  For many patients, the monthly cost of their entire hormone treatments is less expensive than a single drug copay.

All of these benefits are yours for NO monthly fee, and NO membership costs of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Male BHRT

My Nurse Practitioner says salivary testing does not work, why do you use it?

Sex steroid hormones only work when they enter the cell.  And the only sex hormones that CAN enter the cell are ones that are freshly made/absorbed and unbound in the blood.  Serum testing looks at venous waste and is contaminated with bound hormones.  No matter how hard they try to calculate/estimate a free hormone level, it has a huge error range.

Serum is the testing of choice for overdosers (pellets and injections) since the massive hormone overload of the tissues (saliva) is masked in the venous waste and falls inside the massive “normal” ranges for venous waste.  See this video for more information and then check out this video for even more details.

Salivary testing has support from the medical literature for 60 years, yet it is not part of a nursing school curriculum.  Here is more information on the validity of salivary testing.  All labs we use are fully CLIA-Approved, which is the highest standard for labs in the USA.

I have had dried urine testing (Dutch test) before, can I use that with you?

Dried urine is a reasonable test to look at estrogen metabolites in special cases.  However, there are ZERO published papers on dried urine as a test of active hormones.  If anything, it correlates to venous blood which we have already established is useless for testing active steroids.

Will I feel as good on daily dosed creams as I do on my injections or pellets?

Daily dosed creams give the ultimate, consistent levels and mimic testicular production better than anything that is dosed less frequently.  While the highs on shots and pellets are “higher” you are literally overdosed to feel that high and pay for it later as your receptors become “numb” to even normal levels of hormones.  Consistency over months is what allows patients to feel their best instead of riding on a dose/withdrawal rollercoaster.

How is Compounded Testosterone Cream better than Androgel?

First, compounded T tends to be cheaper since most patients have higher deductibles or lack coverage for pharmaceutical transdermal testosterone.

Second, because compounded T comes as a concentrated white cream instead of a watery gel, there is less residue to transmit around the house, and one can see when the white cream is rubbed in completely compared to a clear gel.

Finally, we can customize your dose precisely down to 5mg daily increments to optimize your levels.