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Hormone Pellet Detoxification for Men and Women

  All Hormone Pellet and Injection Treatments are Overdosages compared to young healthy production. 
  Hormone overdose euphoria quickly turns into toxicity and withdrawal months later. 
  High doses of hormones can metabolize down dangerous alternative metabolic pathways. 

Safely Get Off the Pellet Rollercoaster

Fresh pellets drive your levels up and make your receptors crave more before they wear off.

Track Your Levels Accurately

Accurate saliva tissue levels allow us to adjust doses gradually downward over months.

Replace Painful Pellets for around $1 a day.

Change to Daily Dosing and Eliminate Withdrawal Fatigue and Hot Flashes.

Pellet & Hormone Toxicity Video Library

Produced by New Image

BHRT Medical Director, Gregory P. Zengo

Georgia’s Center for Bio-Identical Detoxification of Pellets, Injections, and other Hormone Overdosages

At New Image, thorough BHRT  evaluation for men and women has been our approach for over 15 years.  In order for a hormone replacement strategy to be truly bio-identical, the tissue levels of that hormone must not exceed those of a healthy, younger person at any time during treatment.  As the videos above show, pellets and injections involve large doses given infrequently with no reliable way to time-release the hormone.  This means you will always be overdosed in month one, and then proceed into weeks or even months of withdrawal soon after.  This continues to damage your receptors which then fail to act properly when exposed to normal physiologic doses.

We cannot stress the importance of watching Part 1 and Part 2 of the Pellet Videos in our video library if you currently use pellets or injections.  You owe it to yourself to learn why you feel the way you do on these products, and how you can walk away from them with the fewest side effects.

We have helped people transition off Pellets, injections and high dose regimens for over a decade.  Every case if unique.  We need to see what your safety net is.  That would involve checking your other stress-affected hormone panels like thyroid and adrenal.  If these are not well supported, you will never feel your best, even on the right dose of menopause or andropause therapy.  Then we manage your taper down to reasonable levels slowly over time to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Our on-site Compounding Lab can fill your transition hormone prescriptions at your visit for maximum convenience and accuracy for each changing dose during your detox.  For many patients, the monthly cost of their entire hormone treatments is less expensive than a single drug copay.

All of these benefits are yours for NO monthly fee, and NO membership costs of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pellet and Injection Detox

When should I come for my first appointment?

The best time to come is when you are in the last month of your pellet cycle or the last week of your injection cycle.  We can test you anytime, but by testing you right before you would get your next round of pellets or shots, we can see how much hormone you have retained in your fat tissue from prior pellet/injection cycles.

We can certainly meet with you anytime to discuss your situation and defer any testing until the right time in your treatment cycle.

If withdrawal from high dose can lead to symptoms like hot flashes, then how can I feel better?

The error with pellet therapy and high dose injections that nobody addresses is that these providers put “all eggs in one basket” and try to cure every symptom with drug level dosing of sex steroids.  By looking for the true cause of your symptoms in other areas (adrenal, thyroid, neurotransmitter, GI, genomics) we can lessen the potential withdrawal symptoms that you might notice by just tapering the sex steroid and doing nothing else or quitting the sex steroid “cold turkey”.

How often will I need salivary testing?

In general, once we know your initial levels, we can plan your taper and manage other deficiencies well without a repeat test until you are on a steady state bio-identical dose for 4-6 months.

Will I feel as good on daily dosed creams as I do on my injections or pellets?

Daily dosed creams give the ultimate, consistent levels and mimic testicular production better than anything that is dosed less frequently.  While the highs on shots and pellets are “higher” you are literally overdosed to feel that high and pay for it later as your receptors become “numb” to even normal levels of hormones.  Consistency over months is what allows patients to feel their best instead of riding on a dose/withdrawal rollercoaster.

Imagine never feeling the peak or valley of your treatment ever again!