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Learn to Eat and Live According to Your Genes

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In one of our biggest advances into Bio-Identical Medicine, we are now offering this incredible new service that goes way beyond 23andMe andGenetic Testing and Genomic Testing for Metabolic optimization every other genetic testing service available.

Our “Pyramid” approach will look at thousands of SNP’s in your own genome and look at every major metabolic pathway in the body to help spot areas where bottlenecks can occur and recommend the dietary adjustments needed to improve these pathways.

In a series of 3-5 visits (all billable to insurance and offered live online), we will work on gradually supplementing each compromised pathway to help rebuild your metabolic cascade from the ground up.

STEP 1:  Do the FGA salivary DNA test.  This costs $199 and can be done in your own home.  This option gives you the most analyzable data in the software.  Or you can use your 23andMe .csv file provided the filename ends in “v3”, “v4”, or “v5”.  This is the majority of tests run in the past 5 years.  You can download and email us that sample and your only cost to run the data would be $25.  Ideally, it is best to do the FGA since it has every gene we are looking at, but 23andMe v3 and v4 are good, and v5 is satisfactory.

STEP 2:  Complete the portal registration and symptom surveys.  Dr. Zengo will let you know when the data analysis is complete and we will schedule the first online visit.

STEP 3:  The first online visit (billable to insurance) will review the most crucial detoxification pathways and help you optimize them using genomic products from PHP and MethylGeneticNutrition.  Any supplement that you choose to take will be ordered directly from them

STEP 4:  Second Online Visit 2-3 months later will review your progress and then look at the next layer of interventions which can help based on your results for other pathways that control mood and metabolism.

STEP 5:  Third Online Visit 2-3 months later to cover the final fine tuning measures.

Moreover, every single intervention we suggest will be done with your unique adrenal, thyroid and hormone testing in mind.  Nowhere else in the USA is this deep genetic screening compared to the highest level of adrenal, thyroid and hormone treatment to help you feel your best and reverse the effects of stress.

Example of all of the Metabolic Gene Categories we test.